J’ai eu le privilège d’entrer en contact avec Hikmet Sugoer et de l’interviewer pour le « trocsneakers ». J’ai pu lui poser des questions sur lui et ses projets, y compris la Sonra ( Interview en français disponible ici : Trocsneakers )


I had the privilege to get in touch with Hikmet sugoer and interview him for « trocsneakers ». I was able to ask him about him and his projects, including the famous Sonra ( French interview here : Trocsneakers )


1 / Who is Hikmet ? (Size, weight, size, eye colors, hair …) More seriously who are you ? Tell us about you.
Haha. Never got this detailed questions about me. But I am 1.75m, 105KG, XXL and US9, Dark Brown.
My name is Hikmet Sugoer and I love what I do.
2 / What brought you into the world of sneakers ? Then pushed to open a store ?
I started over 30 years ago in school. As a child of worker class sneaker were my way to show off. My aim was to get back then already hard to get trainers.
As a student I asked myself how to get easier to shoes. So I opened a store. Never to make money with it. It was ment to supply myself and friends.
3 / This adventure with the store is finished since a few time after many successes in terms of collaboration ! What prompted you to stop ?
Due to family reasons I needed to quit SB. At the same time I got an offer. So I sold it.
4 / can you tell us about this new adventure with the brand you just created: Sonra ? What prompted you to create a new project ?
It was always my dream to have my own footwear brand. Nothing big. A brand 100% me. And after leaving SB, I needed to do something new. I am not the type of guy who can sit at home the whole day.
5 / what is the philosophy of the brand ?Do you think it can be in line with the current philosophy of over-consumption (often to the detriment on quality) ?
My aim was never to be commercially successfull. Somehow similar to my store back then. I just do what I love to do. I do it with passion. And I do want to keep it managable. If it gets big, it gets to be too much business. I want to have it cute like a puppy. Haha.
6 / Tell us about the design of this sneakers
A DJ/Singer or Music Producer has lots of tunes, beats etc. in mind. I have a lot colorways, shapes, etc. in mind. So I started from the bottom. I done some sketches the first weeks then put it in the computer and from there it got finalized through the help of the factory.
7 / You released of the textile, a model of sneakers ! What are the future projects of the brand ?
The textile has nothing to do with the brand SONRA. The textile was out of fun. Some merchandise like Justin Bieber or Kanye West. And funny it worked.
But who knows maybe I will do in the future Made in Germany textile for the brand SONRA.
8 / Thank you for your patience for the interview ! We leave you the last word (if you want to talk about something in particular)
I want to thank everbody who supported and supports me to do what I love to do.
Thank YOU!

Instagram: HikmetSugoer / Website: Hikmet / Website: SONRA

Sonra shot by : Gawmess